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We're helping Amsterdam to expand its charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. This project will be one of the initiatives to support Amsterdam in becoming the world's first zero-emission city by 2025. Download this free case study to learn about this tremendous undertaking.
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eMobility in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the world’s leading cities in electric transportation. Voted Europe’s Innovation Capital of 2016, Amsterdam is a Living Lab for research institutes, businesses and start-ups. Bringing these parties together, the city nurtures the growth of innovative solutions for clean and sustainable transportation aiming to improve air quality and public health. “This is why Amsterdam has set the ambitious goal to become a zero-emission city by 2025,” Bart explains.

For Amsterdam to reach its goal, all motorized traffic would either need to be clean (including trucks, public buses, and private passenger cars), or emission-free (including taxis, vans, motor scooters and passenger ferries). Today, Amsterdam is home to almost 19,000 electric drivers, and offers about 400 full-electric taxis and 300 full-electric Car2Go cars to help locals and tourists to get around town.

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