Workplace Charging case study

In this case study, we’re honoring the companies that are helping us accelerate the adoption of electric cars worldwide. Here are their stories on why they’ve taken the electric route.
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About Workplace Charging

There’s no doubt that your company is sustainable and innovative. But what about your parking lot? Placing charging stations on-site makes you a lifesaver for every electric vehicle driver, and an essential contributor to a greener future.

The growth of the electric car industry today is much like how WiFi emerged a few decades ago. In the beginning, only a handful of leaders had the courage to offer the technology. Soon afterwards, other telecom companies had to keep up and provide WiFi too. More and more players joined the market until suddenly (or so it seemed) everyone was offering WiFi to act on the competition and accommodate the demand.

In this  case study, we will dive into the reasons behind going the green route from our partners and customers:

  • Stories of sustainability from companies
  • Snapshot of the average workplace usage
  • Electrifying company fleets (testimonials)
  • Creating a more sustainable future
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