EVBox General Brochure

People everywhere are seeing the benefits of installing EV charging. If you're interested in getting in on the action, but not sure where to start, our general brochure has all the info you need. Whether it's for your home, workplace, hotel, fleet, or anyplace else, this simple brochure will answer all your questions about EV charging with EVBox.
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Electric mobility is rapidly changing the transportation industry. Currently, there are over 3 million electric vehicle drivers on the road — and that is just the tip of the iceberg. With the environment at the center of every discussion about the future of energy, it makes sense that the world would be looking for a sustainable solution to gas-powered vehicles. 

And that solution is EV.

As a result of this shift, a new opportunity has arisen for businesses — the ability to tap into this growing market of EV drivers with the ability to charge their vehicles. Having charging stations at your location not only makes you indispensable to EV drivers, but it also enhances your image as a sustainable organization. 

In this brochure, you'll learn about how EV charging works, what sets EVBox charging stations apart, and why thousands of people have already taken advantage of this exciting opportunity.

And remember — this is only the beginning.

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